Garden ideas for your inspiration

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An overview of gardens in different styles and sizes for your inspiration

What makes a nice garden? We'd certainly get different answers to this question from different people. Some like classic or romantic gardens, while others feel more at home in modern gardens.

The world of gardens is really diverse - from country gardens to gardens in different styles (English, Japanese, Mediterranean), rock gardens, gardens with water features (ponds, pools, streams), lush or minimalist gardens, permaculture and maintenance-free gardens, small front yards to large complex gardens... it's easy to get lost in such a flood of options, especially if you are looking for the perfect inspiration for your own dream garden.

That's why we've created a selection of garden ideas, the aim of which is to inspire people who are planning to create a new garden or are in the middle of a garden landscaping project or renovation. You will find gardens of different types, sizes and styles in our selection, so everyone can find something that suits their own style. Enjoy the beauty of these gardens and get inspired:

One of the traditional back yard ideas with lawn and flower beds:

landscaping ideas back yard

A small minimalist garden in a contemporary style. You can create an aesthetic garden design with privacy even in a small area:

cheap back yard landscaping idea

A terrace can also be the focal point and a fulfilling part of the garden - especially if it is surrounded by greenery:

garden idea

The slope in the garden does not have to be a downside. On the contrary, it can add a unique charm to the garden:

sloped garden idea

A dry garden can be an attractive option, especially for those who don't have the time to maintain it:

maintenance-free garden idea

One of the contemporary backyard landscaping ideas surrounded by a fence:

back yard design ideas

The front yard is also part of the garden design. A fence covered with climbing roses is considered a classic:

rose fence idea

A representative garden idea in a contemporary style, perfect for parties:

inspiration for party garden

An English country garden is a dream of many a home  owners:

english country garden idea

A combination of ornamental and edible garden is becoming an increasingly popular option:

flower garden ideas

Nice garden idea in Mediterranean style:

slope garden inspiration

A classic Japanese garden has many admirers.  It usually symbolizes natural scenery:

zen garden ideas

Backyard patio idea - a contemporary, minimalistic garden can be a cosy place to relax:

best garden ideas

Ornamental gardens with a more natural look, incorporating ornamental grasses together with permaculture elements, can be both useful and beautiful, especially if you have plenty of space:

natural garden idea

You can create truly beautiful gardens with the right combination of ornamental trees, beds and lawn

natural backyard idea

Retaining wall idea for sloped backyard:

vertical garden ideas

Playing with shapes, textures and colors has no limits. This garden landscape idea is a good example:

garden photo

Small back yard idea - You can create a garden with privacy, suitable for activities and relaxation, even in a small space:

small garden inspiration

Maintenance-free cabin garden idea:

cabin garden inspiration

Small backyard patio garden idea:

patio garden ideas

Front yard landscaping idea with stone elements:

landscaping front yard

Abundant rose garden with lots of colors and scents:

Backyard design ideas


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